Snow Park (Free play ONLY)

Snow Park (Free play ONLY)

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Snow Park tickets are due May 15th, 2024. Try to purchase tickets for your entire party at once. Once you purchase your tickets, go to to sign your waiver. Everyone must need a waiver signed to attend.

*Charges will be $1.50 more than advertised to cover Shopify's processing fee. If you'd like to pay advertised price, cashapp $KempFamilyReunion*

Snow Info 

 The indoor temperature is a comfortable 60 to 70 degrees. 

The bottoms of the tubes are lined so no special winter clothing is necessary. 

 Toe enclosed shoes are required. 

There are no steps to climb! Ride our magic carpet to the top of the slopes.  

Anyone playing in the snow play area might like a pair of gloves.  This is real snow and the snow itself is cold. 

Tickets are non-refundable.